What is a Steam Pressure Washer?

Posted by Marko on 04:01 PM, 19-Apr-15

Most people are familiar with pressure washers. They are not, however, familiar with steam pressure washers. These versatile machines are capable of performing dual functions. They work the same as standard pressure washers. These machines are also capable of steaming functions. This design makes a steam cleaner pressure washer unique.

Many homeowners are shopping for the right pressure washer. Finding a dual performance washer can prove to be a great investment. There are any number of household chores where these machines come in handy. The most common job they are used for is house cleaning.

Pressure washers are used to clean the exterior of a home. It doesn’t matter, what it is made of. You will still be able to enjoy the appearance of a freshly cleaned home. These washers work well on brick homes. They also clean homes with vinyl siding. The possibilities are endless.

Some customers use their pressure washers to clean their decks and driveways. Although they perform outdoor functions, these steam pressure washers work indoors too. The steam component accommodates all sorts of indoor chores. Carpet cleaning is one of the most popular of these.

Shoppers need to first of all find the right machine for them. This often depends on what you need your washer for. There are fantastic brand names to consider, which is why comparison shopping is important. The internet is a valuable tool in this process. It provides customers with the opportunity to look at similar washers.

They can even compare their capabilities before purchasing. The internet is a good place to find both new and used pressure washers. Brands like Steam Genie are known for their capabilities. These can be compared to brands like Campbell Hausfeld. This name also provides a steam pressure dual machine. It is also a fine electric washer offering.

The more that you learn about individual models, the easier your decision will be. You will also have a better idea about what you want out of a steam pressure washer. Some customers are looking for equipment for their businesses. Here is another way that the internet helps. These shoppers will be looking for more than one machine most likely. Comparing products is a terrific way to shop.

At the same time, you can familiarize yourself with machine parts. Each brand has parts that are designed for their pressure washers. Some parts can also be used on other washers. This is important information to know.

Power Washing

Posted by Marko on 03:31 PM, 19-Apr-15


There is any number of great reasons that power washing is important. Power washing or pressure washing serves many needs. This is one reason why running a power washing business is a terrific idea. The services that power washing provides are invaluable to many homeowners. Other types of businesses require power washing services.

Quality power washing equipment can be used to perform many tasks. They are commonly used to clean the exteriors of houses. It doesn’t matter, what type of house you own. You will enjoy the look of a freshly power washed home. Houses made of brick or vinyl siding can be improved with a regular washing of its exterior.

Power Wash!The finished product is often amazing to homeowners. These machines can be used to clean a driveway and even a deck. Buying your equipment is the first step in establishing your business. There are many outstanding brand names on the market today. Each of these companies is known for there quality merchandise.

One name to consider is Husky. Husky has long been a top name in the industry. They provide shoppers with sensational power washers to choose from. The Husky 2000S model is an excellent offering. The details and capabilities of this washer make it unique. It is designed to accommodate residential use. This washer operates at 1800 psi and 1.6 GPM.

The Husky 2000S is equipped with a click-n-clean adjustment. It has a Spray Lance component which comes in handy. Although this is a residential grade product, it could serve the needs of business owners well. Another great product is the Husky 2009 H1600 Power Washer. This washer has a heavy duty aluminum axial com pump.

The fan spray nozzles help with providing accuracy while using the machine. One of the convenient details of this washer is its attachable soap bottle. Both of these Husky products are great options for business owners. Once you’ve purchased your equipment, your next step will be coming up with a price sheet. Power washing prices need to be competitive to other business offering similar services.

With the right preparation any power washing business can succeed. Along with preparation you will need to advertise your business. This can be done in a number of efficient ways. You can run advertisements through the internet, the newspapers, or through local magazines. Flyers are traditional methods of publicizing. Each of these methods can have their measure of success.